Innovations in Better and Safer Sleep for Baby

Most parents understand babies sleep better and longer when swaddled. It is important for parents to know when and how to transition from a swaddle to a wearable blanket. The American   Academy of Pediatrics urges parents to stop restraining baby’s arms in a swaddle at three months or when baby shows signs of attempting to roll over, and to start using a wearable blanket. However,  many parents feel their baby is not ready and they continue to swaddle, which increases risk of suffocation if baby was to roll over when swaddled. To bridge the gap from swaddle to sleeping sack there is a new option - the Swaddle Sack with Arms Up and Mitten Cuffs.

The Swaddle Sack with Arms Up design supports multiple natural sleep positions and partially suppresses the Moro (Startle) Reflex while providing swaddle comfort and support, and if baby rolls over, the design allows baby to use his or her arms to lift baby’s torso and reposition his or her head to get access to air. The mitten cuffs allow parents to open the cuffs, so baby can self-soothe, or close the cuffs to protect baby from facial scratches. The Swaddle Sack is the perfect transitional swaddle and the missing step in current safe sleep programs.

After baby has graduated from a traditional swaddling blanket or when looking for an alternative to a swaddling blanket, please consider the following solutions for a good night's sleep.

Indigo Collection

SwaddleDesigns - Muslin Indigo Denim SDM-2148D   SwaddleDesigns - Muslin Indigo Denim Product In Use   SwaddleDesigns - Muslin Indigo Denim Product In Use

Every baby has unique sleep preferences that change as they grow and develop. The Swaddle Sack with Wings is convertible and designed to provide flexibility, comfort, and support. For babies who prefer one arm out when swaddled, the sleeve will help keep baby’s arm warm and the mitten cuff may be worn open or closed. For babies who enjoy sucking on their hand, parents can open one or both mittens to allow baby to self-soothe. The cuffs may be closed if the caregiver is concerned about facial scratches. When transitioning from a swaddle, many babies sleep better with the snugness and unique sleeve design of the Swaddle Sack, while other babies prefer a traditional wearable blanket. It is important for parents to consider both options, so they can make the best choice for their baby. The goal is Better Sleep and Safer Sleep.

Lynette Damir

LYNETTE DAMIR, RN, CEO & FOUNDER OF SWADDLEDESIGNS, is known for her stylish, functional & innovative designs to help parents care for and comfort their baby.