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Cloth Face Masks

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I converted my Seattle baby blanket factory to make face masks.

Many of you know me as an artist or designer, but I am also an RN.

Late Weds night on March 18th, upon learning the CDC Crisis strategy to approve the use of non-medical cloth face masks if no medical-grade facemasks were available, I started to review published studies that compared the filtration effectiveness of different fabrics. I knew I could do better than the bandana or scarf that was being recommended (!!) My niece and cousin are ICU nurses. So many of my family and dear friends are in healthcare. My niece confirmed the desperate need for masks at her hospital. With my heart pounding, I spent the next several days designing, fine tuning fit, test fitting/washing testing my design. I designed a well-fitting mask that would stay secure. By Monday, I switched my baby blanket production in Seattle, to making non-medical 2-layer cotton masks. I’ve donated all that I can afford at this point being a small business, but still have the materials and sewists to make more. If you would like to purchase for yourself and your family, or purchase to donate, we have masks available and we are sewing more everyday.

Once a nurse always a nurse! I will do whatever I can to help my brother and sister healthcare workers!

Kind regards, Lynette, Mom of Two, RN, Founder SwaddleDesigns

UPDATE: We started making kids face masks. In addition, we converted production lines at our audited overseas baby blanket factory to manufacture Cotton Chambray face masks.

NEWS: Lab Test Validates SwaddleDesigns Masks are Extremely Effective Stopping Droplets. See Lab Test Video.