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Omni Swaddle Sacks

The Omni Swaddle Sack is the newest innovation in swaddling and is already the recipient of many awards. The Omni makes it very easy for new parents to swaddle their newborn, and it allows for a variety of arm positions for swaddling safely.

The Omni Swaddle Sacks are incredibly soft and made of breathable cotton knit to reduce the risk of overheating. It is a sleeping sack with uniquely shaped little sleeves that have fold over mitten cuffs, and an attached wrap that secures baby's arms close to their body with high quality hook and loop fasteners.  When baby's arms are securely under the wrap, your baby’s Moro (startle) reflex is suppressed, reducing awakenings caused by this reflex. The Omni Swaddle offers multiple arm positions. Arms on the chest is the best position to start with newborns to help them feel secure. Hands may be placed by cheek or by chin so baby can self soothe by sucking on their hand, and one of the mitten cuffs may be opened if you choose, or keep the mitten cuffs closed if you are concerned about facial scratching.

As baby gets older, or if baby prefers to sleep with arms up by head, you can leave baby's arms in an upward position and secure the wrap around baby's chest. The little sleeves have a big purpose...with mitten cuffs closed, the little sleeves provide partial suppression of the Moro reflex, so even when both arms are out from under the swaddle wrap, baby will sleep better with less risk of baby being awakened by the startle reflex.

The Omni Swaddle Sack features a two-way zipper so you can easily get your baby in and out of the sack, and you can also change their diaper without undoing the swaddle wrap from their arms. This technique can come in very handy during nighttime diaper changes so baby does not become fully awake and will go back to sleep more easily.

Our selection of Omni Swaddle Sacks come in a variety of colors and prints, allowing you to choose an Omni that fits your style or nursery theme.

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