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Marquisette Swaddle Blankets

Our Marquisette Swaddle Blankets are made from 100% premium cotton. They are whisper soft and light and airy. Due to its longer, finer cotton fibers, the finished fabric does not “quilt” as much as a muslin Leno weave. Marquisette is also known as premium muslin.

What is Marquisette?  Our marquisette swaddling blankets are known as high quality muslin. The threads are finer, the grid of the weave smaller, making it a beautiful lightweight open weave fabric swaddle blanket for summer swaddling and warmer environments or climates. We use high quality cotton for long lasting value, and it gets softer with every wash.

Each of our marquisette (pronounced mar-kwiss-ette) blankets features our exclusive pictorial 123 Swaddle label sewn to their edge to help new parents master the art of swaddling. New Parents love our graphic label shows how to make a good secure swaddle in 3 easy steps. The label is at your fingertips, right where you need it during the day or the middle of the night, and the label is a great reminder for new or experienced parents, or grandparents.

We’ve been told by numerous parents that their babies and small children love the label, too. The label is soft and silky, and small children love to self soothe by touching the label. Our blankets often become children’s favorite comfort item.

Large and square, our marquisette swaddles have many uses beyond swaddling. They may be used as a burp cloth over the shoulder, as a playmat on the floor for tummy time, as a shield from the sun, or as a privacy throw when feeding baby whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Our marquisette swaddle baby blankets are sold in 3 packs, known as SwaddleLite, 2 packs and also in singles. The packaging features foil trim which makes it so special for gift giving and receiving. Our baby blankets are the winners of multiple awards.

All of the fabric designs are hand sketched or are hand painted watercolors by our founder, Lynette Damir, RN and Mom of two. She designs with baby’s best interest in mind and your style at heart. She is inspired by the joy of childhood and nature.

Each blanket is 46” x46” and is perfect for warmer days and nights.

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