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Transitional Swaddle Sacks

When it is time to stop swaddling, because baby shows signs of starting to roll over, but baby doesn't sleep well in a sleeveless wearable blanket, our Transitional Swaddle Sacks come to your rescue! The Transitional Swaddle Sack was created by a nurse and mom of two, and it is so special it has earned a patent for its design! The Transitional Swaddle Sack is the easy way to help baby sleep longer and better when you stop swaddling with arms restrained, and it is designed to bridge the gap between snug swaddling and a loose-fitting sleeping sack. The Transitional Swaddle Sack is a very important innovation for babies who can roll over.

What is the best convertible swaddle to use after you stop swaddling baby? The SwaddleDesigns Transitional Swaddle Sack is a sleep sack wearable blanket that was designed by a nurse and has a patented design.  Our Transitional Swaddle Sacks have a unique arms-up design with fold over mitten cuffs on little sleeves, and a 2-way zipper on the body of the sack. The little sleeves have a big purpose. With both mitten cuffs closed (the first step in weaning baby from the swaddle), the sleeves provide partial suppression of the Moro (startle) reflex which helps baby sleep better. And if baby rolls over, the sleeves allow enough room for baby to push up to lift and reposition their head, so they have access to air.

The next step in weaning from the Swaddle is to open one of the mitten cuffs. This will allow greater range of motion of that arm, and your child can self soothe on bare fingers.

The third step in transitioning baby from snug swaddling (usually around 4-6 months) is to open both mitten cuffs. Simply unfold them to open. The sleeves will then become elbow length and will provide no suppression of the Moro Reflex.

When baby sleeps well with both cuffs open you know they are ready for a loose fitting, sleeveless zzZipMe Sleeping Sack. Our Transitional Swaddle Sacks are made from premium cotton knit to reduce the risk of overheating. Our special 2-way zipper makes diaper changes easy without needing to fully undress baby.

Some babies enjoy sleeping with their arms up by their head and sleep well that way from day one. The Transitional Swaddle Sack is great for those babies, too, and will keep baby’s arms covered, and hand covered to prevent facial scratches.

Our collection of Transitional Swaddle Sacks come in a variety of colors and prints, including modern geometric prints, sweet animal motifs and monochromatic palettes including heathered gray.

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