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Two great swaddles in one gift box! SwaddleDuo has one Flannel Ultimate Swaddle Blanket for cooler days and nights, and one open weave Marquisette Swaddle Blanket for warmer weather or environments. Be ready for any season or changes in the weather with SwaddleDuo – a must have for baby’s layette.

Our award-winning combination of blankets makes a perfect baby shower gift or welcome new arrival gift. It’s important for new parents to have lightweight blankets for warmer weather and flannel swaddling blankets (also known as receiving blankets but much larger) for cooler days and nights.

Sometimes the weather is just crazy with temperatures that swing from cold to hot within days. That’s why having both open weave blankets such as marquisette and lightweight flannel blankets such as the Ultimate Swaddle is so important to have in baby’s layette.

Adults dress differently according to the ambient temperature in their environment, and babies need to be, too. In fact, more so, because newborns are not very good at regulating their own temperature, and no one kind of blanket will naturally regulate their temperature for them.

Each of our swaddle blankets features our darling pictorial 123 Swaddle label sewn into the finished edge to help new parents learn an effective swaddling technique. New parents love our unique label which shows them how to make a good secure swaddle in 3 steps. The swaddling instruction info graphic is right where you need it – on the blanket. So, whether you just got back from the hospital or you’re up at night doing a diaper change, the helpful label is a great resource for new or experienced parents, or other caregivers.

We’ve been told by more parents than we can count over our 18 years of business, that their babies and small children love the silky label. Small children love the silky texture and touching the label brings them comfort. Our blankets often become children’s favorite security blanket.

Our large square swaddles are versatile and can be used for more than swaddling. They may be used as a burping cloth over the shoulder, as a play mat on the floor as a clean surface for tummy time, as a sunshield, rolled up as a head support, or as a privacy throw when feeding baby whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding. They roll up easily and fit nicely in a diaper bag.