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Omni Swaddle Sack®

Every baby has unique sleep preferences that change as they grow and develop.
The Omni Swaddle Sack with Wrap is convertible and designed to provide flexibility, comfort, and support.
The ½ length sleeves are uniquely shaped and have mitten cuffs that fold over. When the mitten cuffs are closed the sleeves provide partial suppression of the Moro (startle) reflex. The wrap provides swaddle snugness when used over baby’s arms and full suppression of the Moro reflex.
For babies who prefer one arm out when swaddled, the sleeve will help keep baby’s arm warm and the mitten cuff may be worn open or closed. For babies who enjoy sucking on their hand, parents can open one or both mittens to allow baby to self-soothe. The cuffs may be closed if the caregiver is concerned about facial scratches.

Omni Quotes

Omni Quotes

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When baby is shows signs of starting to roll over, no longer swaddle with arms restrained, or use our Transitional Swaddle Sack®